When my OM mess first hit the fan, I bought a book of cancer survivor stories, hoping to steel myself a bit. And it helped…a little. It took me a while to figure out why it wasn’t helping more. 

The book was written in England. 

Not a single one of those people *ever* had to worry about who was going to pay the bills. They never had to investigate whether an on-paper “divorce” would save their families from financial ruin. They never spent literal days on the phone arguing with insurance. They never had to call a doctor’s office and beg for mercy. They didn’t even spend hours on the phone dragging their electronic files from one part of the balkanized mess of healthcare systems to another. They just showed up when and where their doctors told them and endured. And that by itself is a miracle when it comes to cancer.

What Americans have to go through is simply criminal. Trumpcare is even worse than the already-broken system we have. It marries an Orwellian exercise in survival of the fittest with legalized extortion.


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