I’m done already?

Just like that, six months on Sutent are suddenly finished. It hardly seems real. At times, the last six months have seemed so long, and yet, poof! Here I am, done!

While my commitment to TJU extends through another year, the biweekly blood work is over, and (I hope soon) so will be the weird Sutent side effects.

But, no matter what my tone may sound like on virtual paper, I’m grateful. So very, very grateful. My scans are clear. And, if I understood my oncologist correctly, *everyone* who was on Sutent in this trial *remains* clear. 

God in Heaven, I hope I understood him correctly. How amazing would that be!

The best part is, if Sutent is working, then VPA should work in some small way, too…and that means we *all* have a chance at being helped by this trial. 

I’m hopeful. I’m beginning to get glimmers of my old self back. I actually did taekwondo, grocery shopped, and cleaned house all in the same day last week. I haven’t been able to do that much in a single day for a *year*. Granted, I paid for my exuberance over the next few days, but it felt wonderful to string so much together so quickly. 

God above, I pray we can *all* keep moving forward like this.


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