I miss the coffee

I had this morning

Sixty hearty sips, thick and hot,

It was gone in moments

Evaporating on my tongue

As if it never were.


This tea I’m having now

So thin, so pale, so insipid

I can’t seem to finish it

Each taste a bigger experience

Than my mouth wants to hold.


I want more coffee

More heat and caffeine, please

Thick mugs, thick cream, thick-headed

Burning and shaking and high


But I’ve got tea

A leaf in a paper cup

With water, pure water,

Steaming when it arrives

Suddenly so lukewarm I choke on it.

Then it leaves.


I’m drinking revulsion

I’m drinking compulsion denied

I’m drinking a world of things

I don’t want to drink

When I sip

A single cup


Of tea.